Bob Goode

Bob Goode, co-founder, is an animal enthusiast and experienced handler since childhood. Besides his volunteer work with animal agencies in New York, Illinois, and California, Bob has worked with behavior modification for pets and service dogs since 1999. Bob has worked with people with disabilities and their dogs, teaching dogs behaviors needed to be of assistance, and readying them for Service Dog Certification. An avid outdoorsman, Bob will provide your pet with an energetic yet controlled walk, keeping your pet alert and spry. Bob has certification in both animal psychology and pet first aid.  

Drew Smith

Drew Smith, co-founder, has spent over 35 years loving and caring for a variety of pets and animals, and is the current proud owner of two rescue pups. Drew has fostered, walked, and sat for all types of dogs with all types of temperaments. "My dream is for Bow Wow Boys © to be more than just walkers. I want it to be a full service company that tends to the needs of the busy New Yorker, whether it be dog walking, cat care or keeping veterinary and grooming appointments. Even the chores that my clients may not be able to accomplish in a normal day, like dropping off or picking up dry cleaning and Post Office runs. I want to be the personal assistant to New York pets and their owners."

Pet Check Technology™ is a proprietary system that provides all parties with real-time certainty that your dog is being taken care of. It's done by using mobile barcode technology, email alerts, GPS tracking, and online tools to provide accuracy and convenience. You'll be able to tack the GPS coordinates of your dog's walk as well as manage your dog-walk schedule through a secure Walk the Dog management page online. Automated reporting of arrival and departure times are sent via email so you can see exactly when and where your dog was walked.